Together, we can help refugees and asylum seekers through the festive period.


Last year, thanks to your help, the Festive Period campaign raised over £17,000, taking care of more than 2,000 periods! This year, we're bringing it back so that you can help us make a huge difference to refugees, asylum seekers and all people affected by period poverty this Christmas.

It's super easy. All you need to do is pick a parcel from the options below and we'll get menstrual supplies to someone who really needs them.

£8.45 BUYS (e.g.)*

1 x pack of day pads

1 x pack of night pads

£11.78 buys (e.g.)*

1 x pack of day pads

1 x pack of night pads

1 x pack of pantyliners

£17.01 buys (e.g.)*

2 x pack of day pads

1 x pack of night pads

2 x pack of pantyliners


*Our parcel donations are based on typical high street prices for branded period products. We’ve used prices for mainstream brands because that’s what we’re most frequently asked for, by the people we work with. We usually bulk buy products with as many discounts as we can get our mitts on, making every pound in the pad fund go as far as possible. So your donation will also help us cover our other costs, which include storage space, transporting the pads to where they need to go, and running our operations – for example, staff time to build up sustainable relationships with drop-ins and ensure we can meet their needs, every single bloody month. 





We get it. You've got other things to worry about. You can't be expected to remember to support the fight against period poverty every month. 

Help is here! You can now sponsor someone's time of the month, every month, by setting up a regular donation!

Donations of unopened packets of pads can be sent directly to:

Bloody Good Period, SafeStore, Alexandra Palace Way, London N8 7HP

Office Address (for admin thangs only please, no pads here!):

Bloody Good Period, The Interchange, Father Thomas Room, St Mary's Flats, Drummond Crescent, London, NW1 1LB

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