In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have postponed all physical Bloody Good Education sessions for the foreseeable future.
We are working hard to create innovative ways to continue informing and signposting the women we work with around sexual and reproductive health issues and related services, including exploring remote, pre-recorded sessions led by our fantastic volunteer gynaecologists and sexual health doctors. 
Periods don't pause for pandemics, and they are a huge facet of sexual and reproductive health. From how a missed bleed is used as an indicator to pregnancy, to some sexual contraceptives themselves being based on a 'typical' menstrual cycle rhythm (28 days), periods are the greatest tool to understanding and appreciating a woman's sexual and reproductive health.
During a time of crisis, however, women's sexual and reproductive health needs are often left unmet - especially asylum seekers and refugees'. We're encouraging our supporters to donate to Bloody Good Period, so we can continue supporting the women we work with and ensure they get the access to essential products, information, and services that we provide.

We knew that there was an undeniable demand for education around women, girls’ and menstruators’ bodies when several of our team were questioned about our clients' reproductive functions and issues whilst handing out menstrual products at a drop in centre.


As well as this, in discussion with gynaecologists and other sexual and reproductive health professionals, we were informed how infrequently the communities of people with whom BGP work visit medical clinics or make appointments with practitioners.

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