We provide sexual and reproductive health education for those who can’t otherwise access it.

We knew that there was a demand for education around women, girls’ and menstruators’ bodies when several of our team were questioned about our clients' reproductive functions and period issues whilst handing out menstrual products at a drop-in centre. 

In discussion with gynaecologists and our partners, we learned  how infrequently the people we work with  visit medical clinics or make appointments with practitioners.

As a result, we developed our educational program. We run sessions and workshops to support menstruating asylum seekers and refugees, helping them to understand more about their bodies, sexual and reproductive health, to care for themselves and their flow. 

Looking for support, information or advice?

While we try to keep these lists up to date, funding and organisations change quickly and we cannot be responsible for the content of external links.

Our sessions can be run online or offline. That’s right, a bloody pandemic isn’t stopping us from getting sexual and reproductive health education to those who need it!

We cover all of this and so much more!:

  • Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening 

  • Vulva and Vaginal Health 

  • Period Products and Our Bodies

  • Menstrual Health and Period Tracking 

  • Contraception 

  • Menopause

We work with our bloody incredible partners to tailor every session to fit the needs of those we work with. That means choosing a time, place and topic that suits each individual group. However we deliver our sessions, the people we work with are guaranteed to get the best information from our amazing expert medical volunteers! 

If you can, please donate and help these vital services to carry on running. 

Periods (still) don't pause for pandemics..... period education shouldn't either.

We also run a Leadership and Community Development Programme for BPOC BGP Team Members.

We're so proud to share our evaluation of the first complete year of BGP’s Leadership and Community Development Programme for BPOC team members, devised at the end of 2019.