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We get period supplies items to refugees, asylum-seekers and those who can’t afford or access them.
Since March 2020, when the UK first entered lockdown,
we’ve distributed over 100,000 packs of period products – meaning that people have had one less thing to bloody worry about.


How do we bloody do it? 

We have over 100 partners across England and Wales. They include organisations supporting refugees and asylum-seekers, charities for the homeless, food banks, Covid response community groups and others.


We place bulk orders with suppliers who deliver period products directly to our partners’ centres. From there, the products are given to the people who need them.


These are long-term relationships, so we can guarantee that products are available every single bloody month.


This is a brilliant way of working because….

  • We can get more period products to more people. This model helped us meet a huge level of demand in 2020, exponentially higher than pre-pandemic.

  • Our reach is bigger – we can send products to partners over a huge geographical area, not just London.

  • People who need products can specify the exact item and brand they want.

  • Products are guaranteed to be brand new, and in-date – not always guaranteed with physical donations of products (over the years we’ve received literal shedloads of expired tampons and battered pads – not what anyone wants to be getting at their time of the month).

  • It's quicker for the people we work with to receive the products they need.

  • It’s easier for our partners. They’re doing critical work in their community and have limited time and resources, so receiving a delivery - instead of collecting it, which often used to be needed - really helps. 

  • Compared to our previous way of working – where we accepted physical donations of products, which were stored and packed in a London warehouse - we have reduced costs: no storage space to pay for, nor cabs or couriers to get products to where they’re needed. So more money for pads.

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That means...

If you want to support our work, please DONATE! Your pounds will get turned into period essentials.​

We no longer accept physical donations of period products.

If you have (unopened, in-date) period products to donate, please contact your local food bank to see if they can accept them.

We do accept brand donations if they are able to meet certain criteria and can deliver directly to our partners. Please email us with details of what you can offer – thank you.

More juicy detail.... how did we work before?

Pre-Covid (remember that?!), donations of physical period products arrived at our London storage unit – having been collected and donated in person, or sent via an online wishlist. The products were kept in our storage units, quality checked, sorted and packed by our amazing volunteers. When needed, we would purchase other items requested by our partners. Once all the items were packed, they would be collected or delivered via courier or cab to our partners, who would distribute out items to people who need them.


Due to Covid, we had to change our way of working for the safety of our volunteers, partner staff and people we work with. We provided a ‘Take What You Need’ scheme from our storage units - a service that allowed local partners and the people we work with to collect period products and other menstrual health supplies from our London storage unit at a time that suited them. We also placed orders through bulk suppliers that were directly delivered to centres. Because this model is actually pretty damn great, we are sticking with it.


We will OF COURSE hugely miss the efforts or our awesome storage volunteers, who consistently gave their time, energy and passion to sort out piles of pads and get them to people who need them. We still bloody need you though – and there’ll be a starting a brand new volunteer v soon - watch this space!

If you'd like to support us in getting supplies to those who need them, the best thing you can do is to donate, or fundraise for us. THANK YOU, you bloody babe. 

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