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We are bloody excited to partner with organisations who share our values and have a passion for supporting our mission! 

Why partner with BGP?

  • Demonstrate your commitment to ending period poverty and normalising menstruation.
  • Appeal to your socially-conscious consumers by collaborating with us - a growing, groundbreaking charity, with established and trusted communications.
  • Raise your profile with our lovely audience and reach thousands of people looking for period-positive brands to support.

Past & Current
Corporate Partners 

Ethical Fundraising 

We follow strong ethical guidelines when we raise money for our work.
Check out our Ethical Fundraising Policy to learn more about what this means, including the types of organisations we'll always say bloody no to. 

Are you a Bloody Good Employer?

Through our award-winning Bloody Good Employers programme, you can become certified as a period-positive workplace.

We'll help you to understand the difficulties experienced by people who menstruate in the workplace, and support you in making meaningful positive changes to support your colleagues.

You'll also get to promote your bloody brilliant new certification with our fabulous logo! Find out more right here.

Attention small businesses
and sole traders!

If you're a small business or sole trader looking to donate a portion of your sales to us, thank you so bloody much!

You can do all the necessary legal stuff via the lovely folks at Work For Good - just head right here:
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