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  • Gabby Edlin

Ten reasons why YOU should come to a CupAware Party

You’ll learn all about menstrual cups from an expert, while having a bloody good time, without any influence from any brands (I’m talking about you, Tampax-funded Year 7 period talk lady) and a complete absence of judgement if they turn out to not be your thing.

You’ll learn things about your fanny and periods you’ll be ashamed you never knew. You’re not the only one who’s been referring to your vulva as vagina for the past 300 years, babes.  

You’ll be invited into a safe space, where you can ask those dumbdumb questions that have been haunting you since that Year 7 period talk. No, YOU thought you got your period out of your wee hole.

Cup Evangelist? You, yes, you will be responsible for another woman having access to the wonder that is the cup, just by paying for a ticket! AND you’ll have a great time feeling all smug too.

Cup Newbie? You’ll find out everything you need to know about cups, as well as ensuring another woman gets the very same chance in her community!

Speaking of community, you’ll meet a group of like-minded folks who you can start your cup journey alongside. Just think, last month, they were strangers, today you’ve got one leg up on the bath inserting a cup, Whatsapping them your cupdates with the free(ish) hand! Lush!

You’ll be part of an awesome feminist, activist movement, stopping the period poverty train in its tracks.

It’s basically a cross between tupperware and sex toy parties without the inherent sexism and/or awkward moments when your neighbourJulie asks what love eggs are for.

There will be wine.


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