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Period Comics You Can Relate To

Periods shouldn’t be the taboo that they are. We should be able to talk about the pain, the mood swings, the blood and the experiences of every person who menstruates. But we’re so used to not talking about periods that it can be hard to start the conversation.

There’s a potentially dangerous side to this too. If we’re not talking about our periods, it can lead to health issues being undiagnosed or even dismissed.

To help get the conversation started, Dr Brighten has shared with us a few comics about periods that everyone who has them can relate to. Hopefully, they will show you that you are not alone with your period issues, help you to start the conversation with others, and maybe even make you lol. You can find the original article here.

Your Water Bottle Becomes Your Best Friend

Find yourself constantly hugging your hot water bottle during your period? You definitely aren’t the only one! Little comforts like this can make all the difference. And the warmth of a hot water bottle can help to soothe cramps, so there is a good reason for your water bottle becoming your best friend during your period.

Crying At Everything

You may find that you have low levels of serotonin during your period. This hormone stabilises your mood, feelings of well being and happiness. Low levels during your period can have you weeping at anything and everything. Even if your poker face is normally on point, low levels of serotonin can ruin that.

Planning Clothing Based on Flow

Don’t you hate it when you plan on wearing a great new outfit that makes you feel wonderful, but your womb has other ideas? You’ve planned a night out and want to wear those white trousers, or maybe a cute summer dress, and your period starts. Instead, it’s time to reach for something darker and comfier.

Constantly Reaching For The Chocolate

It may sound like a bit of a cliché, but craving chocolate on your period is a real thing. Remember the low levels of serotonin that have you in tears for no reason? Eating chocolate is known to induce “happy hormones”, combating the waves of sadness.

There’s another reason reaching for the chocolate is a good idea. During your monthly bleed, you’re losing important minerals, which your body wants to replenish. One of these minerals you’re likely to be losing is magnesium. Dark, cocoa-rich chocolate contains magnesium, so can help you to replenish this important mineral.

Lying Period Product Adverts

The adverts for period products are the biggest liars ever, aren’t they? Seriously, who signs these off? Someone on their period is able to take part in all manner of sports or is running through a meadow in a white dress, all because her pad has wings. It’s just not realistic, and we don’t need that pressure to get up and be energetic during our period.

At the end of the day, you are bleeding during your period. You’re losing minerals and blood, it’s completely natural to want to slow down and rest. So don’t let those lying adverts make you think you should be active - and if you’re not, it’s all because you’ve got the wrong menstrual product.

And whilst we’re on the subject, who exactly bleeds blue blood on their period?

At Bloody Good Period, we feel product adverts play a huge role in creating shame and secrecy around periods. To learn more, read our resident menstrual, reproductive and sexual health expert Terri Harris's blog on toxic period advertising and Chella Quint's guest blog on its long and damaging history.


Hopefully, these comics have given you a bit of a giggle and you can see yourself in them. But remember, periods aren’t meant to hijack your life. Simple steps such as eating the correct foods or taking some supplements can help make your period easier. But remember that lying on the sofa with a hot water bottle and chocolate is good too.

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