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Healing Through Employment for Refugees

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

This blog was written by Amina, Bloody Good Period’s bloody incredible Admin Support and founder of ANC Admin Soultions - a refugee-led, refugee-focused company.

The need to work, and to have some type of work that fulfils us and brings us joy and satisfaction, is something intrinsically woven into us humans. For some people, they find satisfaction and fulfilment through the work of real estate - for others, it's by doing mechanical work with their hands.

Whatever the work is, there’s something about being able to do this work, in whatever capacity, that brings emotional and mental healing.

For Refugee Week this year, we reflect on how work and gaining inclusive employment can bring much-needed emotional and mental healing for refugees and asylum seekers.

Amina, photo courtesy of Amina.

Refugee Employment:

ANC Admin Solutions was founded with the mission and desire to help asylum seekers, refugees and those who have been forced into new lives, find inclusive employment opportunities. We believe that these opportunities give people the best chance to build new lives, whilst also promoting healing. Many also need flexible working opportunities so they can work around caring responsibilities.

The support from partnerships with new organisations, such as Bloody Good Period, is making our mission possible.

Our first-ever ongoing partner is Bloody Good Period, who already fight hard to support refugees in accessing period products. Bloody Good Period are now adding another layer of support to refugees by hiring them - us - through ANC Admin Solutions!

In addition to this ongoing admin role, trainee refugee law student in our network is learning from our work with BGP.

Many amazing organisations are joining in too, including Counterpoints Arts, WRKWLL, Stop Funding Hate etc. By coming together with these organisations, ANC can help refugees find inclusive employment, contributing to their integration process and healing.

Some of the benefits of helping refugees find employment:

  • Improved self-confidence

  • Reduced psychological stress

  • Reduced chances of developing mental health disorders

  • Improved levels of overall wellbeing and quality of life

Mental Health Suffers Without Permission to Work

I, myself, experienced these issues, when, as a refugee and asylum seeker, I was not allowed to work for three years.

Not being allowed to find satisfaction and fulfilment through work eventually degraded my mental health. I found myself living in less than desirable conditions with a provided weekly allowance, which was just enough to get by while I sought asylum.

I developed anxiety that made me tense all the time and affected my sleep. I had to start taking sleeping pills just to be able to get a couple of hours of decent sleep.

Before I was granted refugee status (and was finally allowed to find paid work), volunteer work supported me in coping with my developing mental and emotional problems.

The Bottom Line

All of this is to say that there is something intrinsic inside of all of us that desires work - that resonates with who we are and who we want to be. Our sense of work is a great source of healing, fulfilment and purpose in our lives, whatever the work may be.

When ANC Admin Solutions helps someone to find the right type of refugee employment, we aren’t just helping them find any job—we are helping them find employment that gives them a real purpose and brings them satisfaction and fulfilment in their life again. We can only achieve this with the support of the amazing organisations we work with.

So, as we celebrate refugees' contributions this week, I celebrate the organisations that have trusted our vision and helped make it possible. Thank you.

Amina, photographed at a BGP event with Bloody Good Period's Founder, Gabby.

Find out more about ANC Admin Solutions here.

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