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Bring it on 2019!

By Raina Roberts, London Collections & Operations Coordinator

December is officially here, and we all know what that means don’t we? The next month will be filled with sparkly tinsel, festive music, ugly jumpers, and Christmas parties a-plenty! We for one can’t bloody wait!

As we near the end of 2018, it feels great to reflect on everything that has happened this past year - from marching in March, to Bloody Funny 2, to holding down stalls at events, to exponentially expanding our reach - and it’s been amazing to watch BGP blossom and be a part of our second year.

As we reflect, we also prepare for what is to come. We have big big plans for 2019 and are nowhere near resting on our laurels, and we can’t wait to get started! We’re also, of course, going to continue our work making sure over 1,000 people per month have a bloody excellent (new branding?!) period. However, and we hope you don’t mind, but, for this festive period, we will be putting an emphasis on monetary donations rather than actual items.

You know how much we bloody love drowning in pads at BGP HQ, but we’d like to give the volunteers that have powered us through these last two years a well deserved break to re-energise and spend a couple of weeks going hell for leather on Christmas pudding while wrapped in a duvet.

Every single weekend our volunteers receive, sort through, log, and prepare much-needed items for delivery and they do this in freezing weather, in boiling hot weather, come rain or shine ! Not to mention representing BGP at events, volunteering at drop-ins and coordinating collections around the UK. And then there are the creatives who run our social media accounts, the writing contributors, and everyone who has helped run this well-oiled machine.

By donating money, honey, it means that we can buy all the products we need in January, without our gorgeous lot heading into the Safestore over the strange wilderness that is the Christmas break to log and sort your product donations.

Please help us in thanking these absolute wonders by giving them a much-deserved break this Christmas! We love you all and cannot wait for the new year.

Now, go enjoy the end of 2018, spread the word, and if you are able to contribute anything, please do!

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