We are currently piloting a brand new initiative, helping employers play a more active role in the conversation around menstruation, and improving the support they offer to employees who menstruate - in short, helping them become a Bloody Good Employer. The scheme aims to help employers:


  • recognise and evaluate their current support structures for people who menstruate

  • improve those support structures, raising awareness through training and shared understanding

  • show an active commitment to menstrual equity in the UK

  • actively raise awareness of this everyday issue for employers and employees alike


Supporting Research Commissioned!  

Bloody Good Period has also commissioned a research project, being carried out by PHD and MSc students across the UK, in order to better understand the context at work for people who menstruate and our employers’ current approach to this. We know that this area is criminally under-researched, meaning that stigma very much remains in our workplaces. This research will not only confirm the need for our Bloody Good Employer initiative, but it will also help us to shape our work, making it the most impactful it can be.

We want to partner with employers who see the benefits in being active in this conversation now. If you’re an employer who wants to get in on the bloody action ASAP – or if you want to encourage your employer to get involved – here's what we think is the ‘business case’ for becoming a Bloody Good Employer....



Short term -

  • Internally, this is an immediately unifying cultural move for any employer

  • It’s empowering for employees, and the right thing to do for employers

  • It provides positive PR through association with BGP - a movement on the up

  • It's a point of differentiation in conversations with prospective clients and partners


Long term -

  • Improves employee retention

  • Builds a reputation for a cultural commitment to equality at work

  • Unlocks access to a dynamic set of HR approaches, which can be mapped elsewhere in your operation

  • Inspires a culture of self-reflection & empathy, which improves everyone’s time at work.



Donations of unopened packets of pads can be sent directly to:

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