Quite a few of you have been in contact recently because you want to help but aren't in a position to donate financially. I get it mate - I've got £2.36 in my bank account right now - but there are loads of ways you can help, such as inviting all your friends to like the Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and just generally spreading the word. I can't express how valuable this is - it's what made BGP such a bloody success!

If you want to do something else/more, there's plenty of opportunities. Maybe you're great at writing pitches, creating graphics, or just want to donate your time. That's awesome! Please don't let a lack of money stop you helping. Just get in touch and we can chat about how you can help!

Volunteer responsibilities

The kinds of things we need help with on the reg are:

  • Co-Managing the storage locker, opening deliveries and ensuring you have enough pads for each service, per month
  • Meeting the service provider (e.g. Project Manager at Asylum Seeker Drop In) every month, to give them their allocated pads, and get feedback on the month before
  • Maintaining a friendly and dedicated relationship with the services and the storage facility, escalating matters where necessary

Apply to be a volunteer

To apply to be a volunteer just fill out the form below.

Although Bloody Good is unable to provide any sort of financial reward, you will be invited to dedicated volunteer events (usually pub meet ups…) so it’s a great way to make new pals and really make a difference. You’ll get stickers too.

All genders are encouraged to apply.

You must be over 18 or able to team up with someone who is.

Name *
It could be where you live, where you work, or simply where you’d like to make the biggest difference, as long as it’s easily accessible for you.
Have you got a car or van? *
Not essential but super helpful!
Please can you give a rough estimation of how many hours a week you'd be able to help and any specific days which are good for you
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