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Introducing BGP's Nikki Iyayi

Introducing Nikki Iyayi, our bloody brilliant Volunteer & Operations Assistant. Nikki assists with orders, donations, volunteer affairs, and anything else that pops up in the mailbox - in sum, very crucial work!

Nikki organising Covid-19 operations

Chosen Pronouns


So I hear you started at BGP around the same time the coronavirus pandemic started?! How was that?

Yes, my first day at BGP was actually the very first day of lockdown! It's been an unorthodox start as I only met Volunteer & Operations Co-ordinator Alix and Founder Gabby at my interview, and the rest of the BGP team virtually. This wouldn't have been possible without the superstars called Email, Zoom and Google Hangouts which have kept us in the loop and made sure we always get products to those that need them!

What drew you to Bloody Good Period?

I’ve always felt a burning desire anytime I was exposed to the topic of justice and rights for discriminated groups - especially womxn’s rights, and led to me pursuing Politics with Human Rights at university. The role for BGP came at the right time in my career after I decided to prioritise purpose - BGP aligns with my personal morals and values. I love it here!

What motivates you to get the job done?

If you want something done, perhaps you can try doing it yourself? Working at BGP has reawakened my passion for social justice, especially women's rights. I feel really honoured to be a part of an invaluable part of history and a bloody awesome team.

What skills do you need to do your job?

Time management, critical thinking and being friendly are core to my role. I build relationships and I make sure that our products get to where they need to be.

What’s one thing that surprised you about working at Bloody Good Period?

There is an undeniable sense of authenticity at Bloody Good Period. Real people, real conversations and real work! I have never experienced this at my previous 22 roles - and yes, you read that correctly! I pride myself on self-sufficiency and I’ve been working since I was 17.

Early Bird or Night Owl?

I am definitely an early bird and my brain is most active between 4 - 6:30am. I usually go to bed at 10pm on weeknights and my friends think I’m lame.

Can you give some context to the above photo?

There are swatches on my wall because I’m in the midst of a room refurb - I chose caramel cream which is the shade of brown below the blue square on my left.

Where are you travelling to after lockdown?

I really want to go back to Accra, Ghana in December. I love the fact that so many first/second-generation immigrants return to our ancestral home at Christmas time. It’s so fun and I can’t wait to shake my waist on Labadi beach. If I can’t make it to Accra, I am considering Sri Lanka or Dominica.

Fact or Fiction?

Fiction. I love my books full of fantasy and imagination. Life is hard enough, I always choose to escape. I haven’t read that much since university as the weekly readings gave me fatigue that I’m still recovering from. I’m always on the go these days, so I listen to a few podcasts. My faves are Its Not A Book Club Podcast, 90s Baby Show and The Last 3 Digits.

Coffee or Tea?

White wine with elderflower cordial, tonic water, a slice of lime with two ice cubes. You’re welcome.


Twitter/Instagram: @nikkibutonline



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