"Period" by Natalie Byrne

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"Period" by Natalie Byrne

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The fabulous Natalie Byrne, period-illustrator-supreme has created this incredible guide to… you guess it…PERIODS!!

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Period. is everything you need to know about periods. PERIOD.

Period. is a book for everyone; children and adults, mums and dads, womb-owners and ex-womb-owners. Overflowing with practical tips and advice, from what a period actually is to who does and who doesn’t have them, this inclusive book is a myth-busting must-read.

There is no beating around the bush in this funny and informative book written and illustrated by Natalie Byrne, a London-based illustrator who uses her colourful work to promote intersectional feminism and tackle social issues such as sexual assault and mental health.

Ten percent of net profits for each book sold will go to Bloody Good Period!

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