Pop on your lapel you bloody gentlelady (or man - we're openminded here) or any gender you might identify with... sorry... getting sidetracked.


Anyhoo, you too can bathe in the glittery red good feeling of being part of what we like to call the bloody cunt cult. I mean, literally just made that up but i reckon it'll stick.


Produced by handmade by Cooper, those gold and red pad shaped logo pin badges are the ideal way to let people know that you don't bleed blue, you bleed goddamn red glitter.

THE BGP PIN (Glitter)

  • Each pin is 3cm long. So cute. 

  • All of our shipping is via Royal Mail 1st Class Post.

Donations can be sent directly to:  Bloody Good Period,
SafeStore, Alexandra Palace Way, London N8 7HP - please only send unopened packets of pads! See our FAQ for all about why!

Office address: 
Bloody Good Period, The Interchange, Father Thomas Room, St Mary's Flats,
Drummond Crescent, London, NW1 1LB - for admin thangs only, no pads here please!

Email us: hello@bloodygoodperiod.com 

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