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We are calling on the UK Government and all opposition political parties
to improve access to free period products and a public campaign so that people missing out know how and where to access free products. We also need a stronger policy framework and targeted support to asylum seekers, refugees and every other group who face additional barriers to accessing period products. 

 Bloody Good Period is calling for a new action plan that includes the   following measures: 

 New Legal and Policy Framework 

- A new legislative framework with a new legal duty that requires local authorities and employers to make period products free for everyone who menstruates in England and Wales.  

Ensure that any new or revised strategy to promote womens’ health and wellbeing tackles the social and economic barriers that prevent women from accessing menstrual care.  

- Introduce new statutory, national menstrual and menopausal health standards and guidance for public bodies, government-contracted companies and employers, explaining how they can best meet their duties and responsibilities to provide menstrual products, information and support.

 Better data, evidence and support schemes 

- Evaluate the effectiveness and reach of existing government schemes run in custody, by the NHS and in schools - and address any shortcomings identified through these evaluations.

- Commission an independent assessment of the funding provided to public bodies and agencies contracted to provide menstrual products and education, to assess if this financing is adequate to enable public bodies and agencies to provide adequate services.  

- Launch a new Parliamentary inquiry into menstrual equity.

- The Office for National Statistics collects and publishes data on all consumer spending on tampons - this should be expanded to include all period products.

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