Who receives the donations?

We supply sixteen asylum seeker drop-in centres based in London and Leeds as well as directing regional collections to other food banks and centres in the UK. Anyone coming to one of these drop-ins is eligible to take our products without judgement, prejudice or charge.  

We occasionally supply stock when it's needed by other relief efforts - for example we contributed around 1500 packs of pads to the victims of the Grenfell fire back in June.

If you want to read more about what we do and who we help, check out this Buzzfeed article interviewing our founder, Gabby Edlin!

Where are the drop-in centres located? 


Can I volunteer at the drop-in events?

Yes! If you want to volunteer, please contact the respective drop-in organiser and let them know Bloody Good Period sent you.

NNLS Drop-in: dropin@nnls-masorti.org.uk

NLS Drop-in: thenlsdropin@gmail.com

If you would like to volunteer at one of the other drop in centres, please contact them directly. You might want to copy hello@bloodygoodperiod.com into the email so we know to look out for you!

We are also hoping to expand to regions outside of London in the near future. If this is something you'd like to be involved with, please email Anna: volunteers@bloodygoodperiod.com  

What are the most useful  items to donate?

1. Cash donations
2. Kotex maxi pads!
3. Toothbrushes!
4. Baby/wet wipes!

Please please don’t send us single pads/tampons or open packs. Also, please only send new packs, as believe it or, period products expire!

Just pop any goodies you want to donate in the post to our address:  

Bloody Good Period
c/o SafeStore
Alexandra Palace Way
N8 7HP

Cash donations are incredibly valuable. We are - of course - not-for-profit and we use your money to help make sure there is enough stock for each of the drop in centres, bulk-buying things like nappies (so we get the right sizes for the little'uns), transporting supplies from A to B, insurance and other admin costs.

What about tampons and menstrual cups?

Thank you so much for asking but we aren’t currently accepting menstrual cups donations. Although we totally get how brilliant they are, they’re not suitable for many of the women we work with.

If you’ve used one before, you’ll know that they take a lot a practise, as well as a lockable bathroom, and access to either friends who’ve used them or internet forums (to ask those sticky questions) and a whole load of time. These are not things asylum seekers are guaranteed to have access to. As well as that, many have suffered sexual trauma and/or FGM and so using cups may be more harmful than helpful.

This is why we’re committed to ensuring the women we work with have the supplies they ask for, and are comfortable with. If you’re interested in donating supplies that ethically produced and organic, then please do consider purchasing products from Freda (via their donation portal) or Naty and Natracare, which are both available on our Amazon Wish list, or via ethicalsuperstore.com.

We are working with the menstrual cup charity, The Cup Effect to provide in-depth education for the people we work with, called CupAware (for more info, please read the full blog post on this topic). However, both organisations feel strongly that everyone should be able to choose their preferred period paraphernalia free from judgement, so we will continue to supply the preferred brands and types of pads for as long as they're needed.

As for tampons, they're simply not popular with the people we work with. We only give away about 1 pack of tampons for every 500 packs of pads! 

If you want to learn more, have a listen to Gabby talking about product preference on Reni Eddo-Lodge’s About Race podcast.

what about men/

We also collect other essential items such as toiletries, deodorants, toothbrushes and nappies which are, of course, available for free to anyone who comes to our drop-ins.

I want to help! How do I get involved?

Lovely! We are always looking for people to volunteer their skills and time!

Read more about it on our Volunteer page by clicking the link below.

Got another question that's not listed? Contact us and we'll do our best to answer it!