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Tickets are now on sale for our first ever Cupaware event!

It'll be on Thursday 28 September 2017 from 19:30 – 21:30 in central London (exact location tbc)

Places are VERY limited so please secure your place as soon as possible.


What the eff is cupaware?

CupAware is a partnership between BGP (that's us!) and The Cup Effect, a charity that empowers women and girls by raising awareness about menstrual cups and making them more widely available.

We believe that asylum seekers and refugees should also benefit from the choice of whether to use cups or not. But we feel strongly that this is most effective when those trying them are part of a community of other cup users. So, we're holding CupAware Parties - for all!

Over the course of an evening, we'll cover all you need to know about cups, fannies and periods in a small group of awesome, like-minded babes! 


I'm curious, tell me more!

The price of your Cupaware party ticket will pay for:

• An evening of superfannylols led by cup superstar & font of all vag knowledge Mandu Reid, of The Cup Effect

• Real, honest guidance about how to use the menstrual cup and taboo-busting conversations about your fanny, with a small group of like-minded people

• A session for you AND a cup for an asylum seeker or refugee PLUS a Cup Effect-led session for them and their community!


more info for you, pet?

but Gabby, I'm already a cup evangelist, can I still take part?

Of course! Come along with your yet-to-be-convinced pals and buy a ticket (minus the cup) for a brilliant evening filled with vag-chat, period lols and, let's face it, wine. Even if you know everything there is to know about your nether-regions, your ticket means that another woman will get to share in the glory of the cup!

I'm trans, non-binary, non-menstruating... can I still come? 

Of course! Anyone who has a vagina is welcome. And hey, we don't mind if you don't menstruate, if you never have, or once did but no longer do - we talkin' fannies.  If you identify as a woman but do not currently or will never own a vagina, you are also most welcome. Look, the only people not encouraged to come are cis men. However, should you be a cis man reading this in outrage as you thought we were supposed to be inclusive, don't worry. We'll do a separate session for you on menstrual cups. Just don't ruin it for us, OK?

I like the idea, but I'd rather do it with close friends, rather than people I don't know yet

No probs babes, if you can get together a group of around 10 to take part, we'll run a closed group for you!



Tickets on sale Now! 

Our first Cupaware party will be held on Thursday 28 September 2017 from 19:30 – 21:30 in central London (exact location tbc). Places are VERY limited so please secure your place as soon as possible by clicking the link below!



not able to make it that day?

No worries! We'll be holding events over the next few months - to register interest sign up below!

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