As we continue to grapple with a world dominated by Covid and its huge array of impacts, we do not believe that anyone should have to worry about their period because they can’t access the products they need. ⁠

  • Our Take What You Need scheme continues to run from our storage unit in Alexandra Palace, meaning that whoever needs access to period products can collect what they need. 


  • We are bulk-buying and delivering period supplies to groups around the country, so they can get them to people who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford or access them. 

Info on how to access these schemes is here

We've now distributed over 79,000 packs of period products since the start of UK lockdown, to refugees and asylum-seekers, food banks, community response groups, shelters for the homeless, those fleeing domestic violence and frontline NHS workers. That's a level of demand six times greater than pre-pandemic. And there’s no let-up in sight. Recession is biting, more and more people are being pushed into financial hardship and the government response – including an insulting 3p per week increase in support for asylum-seekers – is inadequate to say the least. Periods don’t stop in a pandemic, and we don’t want anyone to have a terrible period because they can’t get the products they need. We want to make sure we can get products to anyone who needs help – so we need every bit of support you’re able to give us right now.


Here are some bloody ways you can help:

  • If you can, PLEASE donateEvery donation really does help and we’re bloody grateful for each and every one.

  • Hold a fundraiser to bring your friends and family together (in a Covid compliant manner of course) and help boost the pad fund at the same time. We’ve got a guide to tell you everything you need to know.

  • Keep updated on the socials, and share our work with everyone you know.

Psssst: what NOT to do... send us pads. We still can’t work with large groups of volunteers to process physical donations of pads at our storage unit – meaning that right now we have a veritable pad mountain at Safestore, and not enough resource to unpack, sort and distribute them. ⁠So whilst we love pads and we love you, please don’t send us physical donations, as we simply can’t handle them. Thank you!

Thank you so bloody much for your support . It is very much appreciated.

(If you're able to)


How to access period products 


Take What You Need scheme - for Local Centres and Individuals (and anyone able to access Alexandra Palace, North London, N8 7HP)

We will operate a “take what you need” (TWYN) service from our Safestore facility in Alexandra Palace, where donations can be collected. The scheme is available to everyone, but you will either need to collect the products or organise someone to do so. You do not need to have worked with us before, or be signed up as a current partner. If you would like to collect donations from our TWYN unit, please email first to obtain access instructions.

Delivery- for mainland England, Wales, and London centres.
Wherever possible, we will continue to deliver through our suppliers Easho or Medino to the centres which remain open. Please contact us if you need further supplies. In the event of our suppliers no longer being able to deliver, we will support regional groups wherever possible on a case by case basis. i.e. we may be able to support the cost of transport of products out of London.
Delivery- for Individuals
Individuals we work with, and whom we are already in contact with, are welcome to access us on an individual basis to receive products for their household or themselves, and we will deliver online, wherever possible. They can also pick up from Safestore TWYN Collection if able.
Those who are unable to purchase products in shops due to low stock levels, or who are in financial hardship as a result of the pandemic, may also request products. 
Our product donations service will extend to anyone, but with the request that if you are able - now or later -  please donate to BGP.

To access products through any of the options described, please email Alix Smith at [email protected].

Please note that Alix works part-time, so please allow plenty of time for her to respond!

Please feel free to share this with anyone who may need it.