Step 1


Get in touch with our glorious Collections Coordinator, Raina! She'll sort you out with a free poster, as well as stickers and leaflets to help promote your event. She'll also be able to advise if there are other collections happening in your local area so you can team up!

Print as many copies of the poster as you can, and write your name and your contact details in the space at the bottom.

Always check with the big bosses first. Some people get really offended by anything do with women.


step 2


Put up your poster and tell everyone!

Spread the word on social media, using the hashtag #bloodygoodperiod AND SEND PHOTOS AND VIDEOS!

We love to see how you get on!


step 3


Send your collected goodies to: Bloody Good Period, c/o SafeStore, Alexandra Palace Way, London, N8 7HP

If you've collected too many to post, (wheyy!!) they can also be dropped off at the address during office hours, or send an email to arrange a specific drop off time.

And if you have any questions, you just gotta ask babes!