My period has always been, erm, unpredictable - to say the least. And I’d definitely need a few more hands if I wanted to count the amount of times I’ve experienced the joys of leaking through onto my clothes.

I remember being about 11 years old and going out with my friends in my baby blue velour tracksuit (to top it off we were all matching) and having my friends scream at me because I was covered in blood. Fast-forward to when I was 17 and on a date, and I leaked all over the bed, desperately trying to scrub it off with a bottle of beer and a sock. Lol. It makes me want to give young me a big cuddle and tell her it’s all gonna be okay.

Anyway, enough reminiscing. Point of the story is: periods happen. Leaks happen. Stains happen. You’ve got the jist.

In a bid to provide women with a more comfortable period, I created FLUX. It’s period-proof underwear. Yes, underwear that soaks up your blood and keeps it contained so you don’t leak. Wear them for up to 12 hours then chuck them in the wash, and repeat.

For every pair of FLUX bought, one reusable washable cloth pad will be donated to a girl in the developing world.


Being nice to the planet - and our bodies

When telling people that disposable pads and tampons take up to 500 years to decompose, I always get the same response: “WHAT? 500?!”. Yep. Your pads and tampons will still be floating around when your grandchild's, grandchild's, grandchild's children are born...? Well, something like that. You can work it out. Whatever it is, it’s a long time. And you can do something about it. Make the switch!

Period-proof underwear is starting to make a name for itself but most brands of period-proof underwear use PUL plastic which is still contributing to the waste and doesn't allow your sensitive bits to breathe - we all need a bit of breathing space, you know!

I developed FLUX to give people a more eco-friendly, sustainable, alternative menstrual product. The underwear is made from regenerated nylon waste and bamboo, so it’s kind to the planet and your skin. Oh, and no PUL. We don’t like plastic.

It’s for periods. Not gender, shape, size or ability.


We all deserve representation. That’s why I’ve vowed to use unedited pictures from every photo shoot and menstruators of every shape, size, colour, and ability are used to represent FLUX, in a bid to convince other brands to recognise the importance of inclusivity. Because I matter, you matter, we all matter. And last of all: (comfortable) periods matter!

FLUX is currently funding on Kickstarter, for up to 50% off. You can get your pair here.