By now you’ve probably heard about this new(ish) craze called the menstrual cup.

Maybe you’ve heard whispers about it or maybe you’ve been metaphorically slapped in the face with this silicon cup that your neighbour you barely know is hell-bent on getting you to try. (If you have been literally slapped in the face with a menstrual cup, probably stay away from that person… that’s not ok.) 

Are you one of the enlightened and not aware that you are now a fully-fledged member of this cult? Or maybe you are loud and proud and on a mission to recruit as many people as you can!

Either way, there are many a tell-tale sign that you are now proud comrade of the cup brigade, and once you’re in, you rarely get out… but that’s ok, because it's right where you want to be!

So how do you know if you’ve been sucked in? Here are some signs:

1. The unspoken sisterhood you have with a complete stranger when you find out they use a menstrual cup too

giphy (25).gif

It can be so difficult to build friendships and make connection in this day and age… but not anymore! There is nothing like bonding over a conversation about what you stick up (and pull out of) your vagina every few weeks. These are the things true friendships are built on!

2. The ability to smoothly insert yourself into a conversation whenever you hear the sacred ‘menstrual cup’ mentioned

giphy (24).gif

Because let's be honest… if people who use the cup, are talking about the cup… they are always going to welcome fellow cup-users to join the conversation so we can all rave about how much we love the cup!

3. The smug pride you feel in single-handedly helping save Mother Earth from being flooded with dirty pads and tampons

giphy (26).gif

On average, menstruators use 11,000 tampons in their life.. ELEVEN THOUSAND! That does not even take into account the pads and liners we use along with our tampons, because who truly trusts a tampon?

But the menstrual cup… our only waste is a bit of blood we pour down the toilet, which then gets filtered and in a lot of places get recycled back into our tap water (...okay maybe don’t think about that part).

4. The never-ending desire to educate your mum, sisters, friends, colleagues, that woman on the train, your postman and essentially anyone else with or without a vagina, about the life changing experience of switching to the menstrual cup.

giphy (27).gif

You feel blessed to have been given the life-changing knowledge of the menstrual cup; it’s only fair that you share it with EVERYONE!

Just realised you’re a menstrual cup evangelist? Panicking and wondering how you can get out of this all-consuming cult? Sorry hun, it’s too late. Accept it. Own it. Love it. Now bleed on!