Hey, your old pal Gabs here. Most of you absolute angel baes won't have a clue what I'm talking about, but last night, we had some really nasty responses to a Facebook post that we shared by Thinx, about a trans man talking about his period which we felt we necessary to address. 

We understand that to some, the idea that there is more than just "men" and "women" is new and scary. We're not brought up with a complex understanding of gender identity but I was really sad that some felt they were justified in attempting to devalue this person's experience. 

This is what "period poverty deniers" are doing. They've never met anyone who can't afford pads so they don't think it exists. They find it so hard to comprehend they're just like NOPE. Don't be that dickhead. 

By including transgender and non-binary people we are not devaluing or erasing the voices of women. I can't believe I have to say that. When we as women ask/demand to be included in positions of power, are we erasing the voices of men? 

Most of the people we actively work with are women.  Bloody Good Period is here for all genders who experience periods. Female is one of those genders. We will continue to celebrate all women alongside trans men. 99% of our posts are about women.

This was one post. ONE. We get that periods are primarily experienced by cis women (someone whose gender identity matches their anatomical gender at birth) but it's time as a society we started to appreciate that there are some who once lived in a female body who now identify as men, and still have periods and there are some who don't identify in either gender box and still have periods. Trans people exist, and some of them are men who happen to have a uterus. If this is something you're finding it tricky to get your head round then there is a really non judgmental round up here

To those 5 or 6 people whose comments we deleted: sorry pal. We decided as a team that although you are entitled to express your opinions, we don't want them on our Facebook page. A few weeks ago, when there was a video about BGP on the BBC London Facebook page, the comments underneath it featured not only the odd Nazi meme but vicious opinions about asylum seekers. The BBC and Facebook left them there, and this made it really uncomfortable. We didn't want anyone else to feel like that or think we endorse those comments. 

To our transgender and non-binary friends. We are doing our utmost to be an inclusive period organisation but know we have far to go. Please bear with us and keep calling us out where necessary. 

We have a zero tolerance policy on transphobia and are happily confident that most of you lovely people will stand beside us. Change is coming. Don't be on the wrong side of history.

Thanks for reading. 


Founder of Bloody Good Period.