What's even better than giving people pads that they *really* bloody need? Giving people pouches that they *really* bloody need in adorable handmade sanitary pad pouches, of course!

At Bloody Good Period, we love a Crafternoon (evidence below). Think crafting pad pouches. Think period chat. Think many a BGP donation. What's not to love eh?

But we get that not all of our supporters are based in the Big Smoke so not everyone who'd like to is able to come along (the rest of yous, what's your excuse?! That's right. See you at the next one).

Sooo we've asked our Crafternoon Queen (aka our Padmaster General, Cara) to pull together a tutorial so everyone and anyone can get crafty at home and DIY pad pouches to their heart's content.

It's seriously simple. (Trust me, this is coming from a gal who hadn't even sewn on a button before her first BGP Crafternoon and that blue floral one, middle left is my creation!). Head over to Cara's blog for the full run down - from post-it to pouch.

Chances are some of you are gonna be able to bash these out in 10 mins flat. So if you end up with more sanitary pad pouches than you know what to do with SEND THEM TO US!

We give out the pouches with the pads at our monthly drop-ins (they go down a treat!). And we also send lots to the Separated Child Foundation, who pop them into Arrival Packs that are given to teenage refugees arriving in the UK. Find our address on our Donate page and pop 'em in the post.