This is just a quick note to let you know that we are now taking donations of menstrual cups again.

WHY? I hear you ask, between mouthfuls of pasta (just me?)


As some of you may know I had a lovely stall at the London Southbank's Women of the World Festival, where I met a fabulous woman by the name of Mandu Reid. She started the charity The Cup Effect which works with women to help them understand how to use menstrual cups safely and with confidence. Like 2 seconds into her telling about her work, I was sold. She explained how she wanted to work with the women who visit the drop in centre I volunteer at, to run a session about menstrual cups, for free, and with a total absence of judgement or pressure. Perfect - we would be able to supply the cups, and bring the ladies along, and she would supply the training.

So that's why we're taking them! Check Mandu's work out at She's excellent.

And by the way, the gorgeous image is by the super talented Eleanor Crewes (and must not be reproduced without her and our consent) Check her stuff out at

LATERS! Gabby x


For those who've asked, here is the original post from January 2017.

A note about menstrual cups
This is a very English, very female, very polite but still very very grateful request not to receive any more menstrual cups.
We now have about 50, because you are all so bloody generous. Unfortunately they're really not right for our clients at the drop in, and have not been taken up by anyone, perhaps because of unfamiliarity, or just cultural differences. 
I know that many of our wonderful, kind, thoughtful supporters also feel very passionate about the damaging effect that products like sanitary towels have on the environment, and as a feminist organisation, this is something BGP is concerned about too. However, after much careful thought, I feel that it would be inappropriate to try and persuade people who have very little stability (not to mention adequate access to the necessary hygiene services required) to use the mooncup. 
We don't have much time to engage with the clients at the drop in, let alone discuss their vaginas, and therefore there simply isn't time to expound on the virtues of menstrual cups. It feels more important to make sure they feel comfortable, secure and welcome. 
This is of course an ongoing dialogue so please feel free to contact me regarding it. If you don't want to buy from the major brands, then do make your donations from where you can find organic and biodegradable pads. 
Finally, any ideas of what to do with the menstrual cups, aside from sell them on and use the proceeds to purchase more toothbrushes, underwear etc as well as pads are also welcome.