Ho, Ho, Ho! Welcome one and all to the official BGP Christmas Gift Guide on all things red, festive, and, well, period.

We’ve got some bloody fantastic treats for you, from eco-friendly vibrators to period box subscriptions, whatever your budget allows, Santa’s got it covered.

So snuggle up, put on some Bublé or Sinatra, grab yourself a hot toddy and get those candles glowing...Santa Clause – and some bloody good period fun – is coming to town.

We all love a good paperback at Christmas and here’s one guaranteed to educate, motivate and inspire. Periods Gone Public by menstrual activist, Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, explores menstruation and the rise of period activism. The author delves into product innovation, shifting societal attitudes and the awesome influential people (and charities) making a bloody difference. Cheers to that!

We’re head-over-heels in love with this Girl Power art print made by talented London-based illustrator Viktorija. The artwork is a beautiful tribute to some kick-ass women who continue to inspire generations today. Hidden in the colourful sea of feministas are Malala Yousafzai, Beyoncé and members of Pussy Riot. AND some of the proceeds go to Bloody Good Period, so what are you waiting for?

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Periods can come when we least expect them. And sometimes, it can be when things are getting hot (you know what I mean). But pleasure shouldn’t stop when we get our monthly flow. If you’re looking to give or receive something naughty this year, these eco-friendly waterproof sex toys by Leaf will literally ROCK YOUR VAGINA. So run a bath, light some Christmas-scented candles and rejoice in a little yuletide self-pleasure. Hallelujah!

If you're looking to splash out this Christmas (on yourself or a very-deserving gal pal or partner), make sure you don't miss Jessie VE's new Femme Fatale collection. This beaut independent jewellery designer is donating £100 from every sale of one of her Femme Fatale rings to Bloody Good, too. So go on, treat yourself.

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For the eco-warriors of the world, why not celebrate your green-fingered womanliness with some fair-trade washable pads. Honour Your Flow is a UK-based company that make reusable menstrual pads in all sorts of funky colours and patterns. Fabulous stocking fillers, wouldn’t you agree?

Spread the Girl Power message this Christmas with these kitsch feminist punky pins that will funk up any coat, bag or jacket. Our fave is, of course, the cuterus.


We’ve all had those tummy-cramping, headache-thumping, back-aching periods that feel like the end of the world. When you just want to wrap a hot water bottle around your entire self and hide from the universe. Now you can do exactly that. Introducing the YuYu Bottle: it prides itself on being “the world’s first long hot water bottle”, from shoulder to crotch, this is the stuff of dreams. 

You never knew you needed a geometric vagina design sartorial collection in your life until now. May we present: This is a Vagina. And the designs from this independent label do exactly what they say on the tin. Get your secret Santa a tote bag, your sister a sweatshirt and your nan a nice tee - all adorned with their staple vulva design. And the babes behind this collection are giving 50% of their profits to BGP, too!

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After something for the younger babes in your life who are fresh to periods? What better way to welcome them to the menstruating club, than with Pink Parcel, a monthly subscription box spilling with fabulous femcare and beauty goodies.

Palms sweating because you haven’t yet bought your charity Christmas cards? Fear not, we have one hell of a crackin’ design that will make your uncle Nigel choke on his eggnog. Created by super fabulous illustrator Hazel Mead, this bloody brilliant bespoke design shows three wise babes guided by a glowing MENSTRUAL CUP. Yes, that’s right, a menstrual cup on a Christmas card. Thank us later. All proceeds go towards more pads! Buy yours here.


Finally, tis the season of goodwill but if you fancy donating on the reg, sign up to a monthly BGP Dame Box subscription and fall into a sound sherry-fuelled slumber knowing you're helping someone have their period covered every bloody month.